We know you have questions. Find answers and more details about selling your car with ALGO in the frequently asked questions below. 

You can always message us or call us at 888-335-3225 about anything!

How do I sell my car to ALGO?Plus

Most customers start by receiving an online estimate on our website. Then, you can verify your vehicle’s condition in under a minute by either speaking to one of our Virtual Appraisers or using our Chat feature. 

After reviewing your vehicle and the current market data, we’ll present you with a guaranteed offer. 

If you decide to accept, we’ll send you a contract after reviewing your vehicle’s documents, send a check overnight to a local carrier in your area, and exchange a check for your keys at a convenient time for you. 

If you have questions, contact us.

How long does it take?Plus

Just a few minutes. After you enter your license plate or VIN, we confirm the condition of your vehicle over the phone. 

Expect a call from ALGO to get you paid and arrange to pickup your vehicle within days.

How much does it cost?Plus

Getting an offer on your vehicle is free. If we agree to purchase your vehicle without a trade, a $125 administration fee is taken directly from our offer amount. If your vehicle is financed or leased, an additional $25 payoff processing fee will be applied. There is no obligation to accept our offer, and nothing is due out of pocket.

Is the online offer final?Plus

Our online quote is just an estimate. 

Our final, guaranteed offer depends on the vehicle’s history and condition, which will be evaluated by one of our appraisal experts. Sometimes the final offer is more than the online estimate – however in some situations it may be less.

Is the offer negotiable?Plus

Our team has a specialized process for making offers. Put simply, our first offer is our best offer!

How long is the offer valid?Plus

Because the used car market is so volatile, we cannot predict what your vehicle will be worth tomorrow or a week from now. So we guarantee our best offer the day we present it to you.

If you have concerns or questions, contact us.

How do you decide on an offer?Plus

Our pricing team has over 100 years of combined vehicle value knowledge. We study the real-time used car market utilizing several different metrics and relevant data points.

How fast will I get paid?Plus

Once we pickup your vehicle, you’ll be paid on the spot. Typically it takes 3-5 business days to finalize paperwork and schedule pickup of and payment for your vehicle.

Does ALGO purchase vehicles in any condition?Plus

ALGO will buy almost any vehicle. If the car doesn’t meet our requirements, we’ll happily refer you to a company that can help in your selling process.

Does ALGO buy leased vehicles?Plus

Absolutely. If you have equity in the vehicle, we will even cut you a check for the difference!

What about my current loan?Plus

Not a problem. Even if you have an active car loan, ALGO will buy your car and handle all the paperwork. Please see “What documentation do I need?” above for more information on how we handle past loans. 

What documentation do I need?Plus

Everyone’s situation is different. We go over exactly what we need if/when we agree to purchase your vehicle. 

Typically, if your car is paid off, we’ll need the title and copies of your driver’s license and registration. However, if your vehicle is still being financed, we’ll require copies of your driver’s license and registration, as well as your bank info to attain the payoff amount, which is needed to send your financial institution the final payoff for your current loan/lease.

Why should I trust ALGO?Plus

ALGO is run by Auto Lenders, one of the largest preowned dealership groups on the East Coast. 

Since 1990, we’ve purchased thousands of cars from happy customers. We’ll do everything we can to make you a happy customer, too. 

(You don’t have to take our word for it. Read our reviews!)

Why sell my car to ALGO?Plus

We have some of the highest initial estimates in the industry, and we pay the quickest. We also have a team of real human beings available to assist in the process at any given moment. 

What should I expect at pickup?Plus

We schedule a pickup at your earliest convenience to safely exchange check for keys. Then, our transporters take your vehicle away. Adiós!

Classy organization... they really care about their customers.

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Car Value 101.

Here are some quick tips to help you maximize the value of your vehicle.

Keep your vehicle clean.Plus

As a general rule, your vehicle is worth more when it is sparkling clean — inside and out.

Park your car inside.Plus

Protect your vehicle from the elements, including harsh sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Make vehicle repairs.Plus

If you’ve been putting off fixing things like a broken taillight, windshield cracks, fender dents, or “that weird rumbling sound,” consider making those kind of repairs before selling.

Perform routine maintenance.Plus

Regular oil and filter changes, replacing worn brakes, new tires and other day-to-day maintenance will help you get the most for your vehicle when selling.

Keep service documentation.Plus

When you have your vehicle serviced or tires replaced, keep the receipts!